Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Baby Sign Language

As most of you know I took a baby sign language class over the summer. Madison has mastered a new sign. When she is finished or does not like a certain food, she throws it over the side of her highchair. That was not the sign I learned in class.. but hey, it works for her! Charli and Abbey believe this is their sign to come and hoover up around the highchair. My dogs are not the most well trained dogs (don't laugh) but there is one thing we do not allow and that is table begging. How do you explain to a dog that if there is food on the floor they must not run over and suck it up? So this picture is a typical view of Madison's highchair in the mornings for the following reasons...

1. I am busy getting things ready so I can get out the door for work and can't monitor the dogs actions.

2. Jason is not home and the dogs, I know, snicker at my "stern voice" and tend to ignore my pleas for the them to go lay down.

3.Madison feeds them now so I'm afraid power has shifted from me to her.

At least Abbey looks a little shameful....