Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Here's Your Sign!

We don't usually have the TV on when Madison is in the room. However, she has not been feeling well and I popped in a DVD hoping she would take it easy. I have a baby sign DVD from the sign language class I took last summer at Gymboree. She has not yet signed one time for me. However, she signed "hat" while watching this video! She did it several times and I was able to get a shot of it. Who knows when that sign will come in handy... I mean if I had my pick I would choose the signs for eat, drink, more, (I guess there are a lot I would choose first. HEE HEE)... But at least I now know that maybe I'm not wasting my time. She was mesmerized with this video. (I think Jason was entertained too!) Had I only known I may have skipped the class and just picked up the DVD. :)