Sunday, February 22, 2009

Last Night...

Jason and I went to the JDRF Gala in Winston Salem. I have been dreading it ever since he told me about it. What would I wear?..I won't know anyone... how boring... I was SO WRONG! There was so much to look at and do. My simple black dress blended in very well. There were some daring ladies in very large, full gowns. This was fun to check out. Can you believe I forgot my camera?? This photo was sent to us from one of Jason's co-workers. Don't we look stunning! :) See that BIG smile on my face??? We did win a little something!

Of course the point of the gala is to raise money for juvenile diabetes. So for about two hours prior to the dinner there was a silent auction. We were one of the first to arrive so most of the silent auction bidding sheets were blank. I had so much fun slamming our bid number down on various items. Jason felt pretty safe that we would be out bid.. but hey, a girl can dream. I bid on lavish vacations, art work, spa packages, dinners, wine, etc. My most favorite item up for bid were granite counter tops. Some how I convinced Jason to let me bid on them. I told him that we could at least try to go up to 50% of the value. (Such a bargain!) We were the first to place a bid. We walked in circles for two hours checking our items trying to see if we had been outbid. We were on almost all items and we just let them go. I did place several more bids on the counter tops. Finally, the countdown began.... I was nervous and broke away from Jason and ran to see where we were on the sheet. A girl was at the sheet outbidding me and as the announcer said.. "FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO...." I basically knocked her over and put our number down. "ONE!" I turned around and yelled "we won! WE WON!" while jumping up and down... Jason just stared back at me like I was crazy. (Not to mention I could feel the nearly knocked over lady's glare on me.) Jason informed me that there were two silent auctions and this was not the one that was over. Let's just say I felt a little silly and extremely disappointed. No, we did not win the counter tops. :(

Overall it was a fun evening. Unfortunately we had to leave toward the end of the dinner. Our sitter called and Madison was screaming. We ended up having to take her to the pediatrician's office this morning (thank goodness for weekend hours). She has an ear infection and is on antibiotics. This is her first and I was hoping we would make it to her first birthday without one. I feel very blessed though that this is only the second time she's been really sick.