Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ten Months Old Today!

It's a tradition to take Madison's picture each month on her nursery rocking chair. In the beginning it was real simple. All I had to do was prop her up and snap away. Ten months later it has become quite a challenge.

It was all I could do to back up and get this shot!

You can see her lunging....

I started gently pushing her back and at first she giggled and would just sit back up again.

She finally gave up!

So we moved to the crib......

Madison has become quite attached to her "lovey." You will see her clinging to it in most photos these days. She can be quite vocal when she wants it. She will now walk holding your hands. She doesn't quite all out crawl, but she can get where she needs to go by scooting. I try to give her a variety of foods, but her favorite by far is beans! Lima beans, kidney beans, northern beans... she gobbles them up!

On a side note... it's that time of year! My most favorite candy is out. Every year as they clean out the store shelves of Valentine candy I anticipate the arrival of the Cadbury Mini Eggs. I don't know when my addiction started, but I know I cannot let a year go by without buying at least a few bags! Here we are again... On the bright side.. at least I can't buy them year round!