Monday, March 9, 2009

Back to normal... well sort of..

The weekend is over, Jason is home and Michele is gone. Boo... (On Michele's departure) Michele and I had a fantastic weekend of doing pretty much nothing! We shopped, ate, and talked a lot! We rented the movie "The Duchess." We started it at 8 p.m. and didn't finish until 11 p.m. It's not even a two hour movie, but we found ourselves pausing it to talk. HEE HEE!

Here's an updated photo of Michele and Madison. She took to Michele pretty quickly!

This photo was taken by my babysitter! See the BIG smile on my face?? I was excited to get out of the house to go shopping with Michele.

Here is the "sort of" back to normal part of my story. We have found ourselves (me and Jason) at a crossroads with our carpet. It's 10 years old and we are the second family with kids and dogs to give it much love. It's in pretty horrible shape. We couldn't seem to bring ourselves to replace the existing carpet with our two furry kids so we have decided to refinish our existing hardwood floors in the kitchen and extend them into the living and dining room. (Yes, we have carpet in the dining room... who does that?) We have been instructed to empty the entire downstairs of everything. That includes curtains, pictures, pantry, fridge, etc. Apparently, when you refinish floors dust gets everywhere. YUCK!

We spent a large part of yesterday evening trying to do just that.. empty out the bottom level. I am very excited to see the carpet go! But until then... my house looks like this!!!

I will post some before and after shots when the job is complete. I am leaving for GA this week to spend time with my family. Jason will stay behind to work and monitor the installation. I am REALLY nervous about my five hour drive alone with Madison. She is a great car rider, but hey everyone has their limits.