Thursday, March 26, 2009

Madison's New Ride

Madison took her first ride in her new car seat this morning. I was really sad to trade in her infant seat for this one that will be with us for the next few years. I realized that her infant days are quickly coming to an end! I have to say.. Madison was very excited.

Now if you are wondering why she is taking her first ride in her pajamas then take a look at this....

This is my kitchen as of this morning and it has now looked like this for 2 weeks. We have spent a large number of meals eating standing up. I managed to squeeze out a few meals for my family in this atmosphere.. minus the plastic. Yesterday the plastic went back up in preparation of a demo of our old floors and installation of new ones. Yes, these are very nice, but somehow they don't match our new stairs, dining room, and living room floors! Oh well....nothing ever goes as planned.. right?? So Madison in her pajamas and I in my slippers made a trip to McDonalds!