Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our Trip To GA

Madison and I had a great trip to GA. On the ride down she slept, babbled, and fussed just a little. She was a great co-pilot. We celebrated several birthdays on our visit. Madison's cousin Maddie turned four on the 11th. Madison's uncle Kris turned 34 on the 12th and on the day we left, the 17th, Austin turned two. March is a big birthday month for the Marshall household. We were thrilled to be able to spend it with them.

This is Maddie's hair several months after she decided to do a self trim! Jennie made her cake. I think she did a GREAT job!

Kris had drill all week. Jennie, Maddie, Madison, and I spent the day shopping. On the way home we stopped off and got Kris his most favorite thing .. an ice cream cake. Jennie gave Maddie a little pep talk about how we were all going to surprise Kris with the cake. Well as soon as Kris walked through the door Maddie said "Hi Daddy! We got you an ice cream cake!" I'm not sure if there are any 4 year old girls who can keep a secret!
Here we are celebrating birthdays at Odie and Doonie's house. Madison even got a CUTE little dress. Odie and Doonie didn't want to leave her out. She liked the box the most.. I guess that is typical.
This is my favorite picture of the entire trip! We strapped all kids in to the bar stools and turned on some music while Jennie and I got their dinner ready. Maddie is learning to snap so she was showing off her skills. Madison just loves music so she was dancing! :) Austin.. well he was a little annoyed! HEE HEE
Austin gave up his toddler swing for Madison. Bless his heart.. it was all he could do to hang on and sway on the swing. He did not want anyone helping him.. he was being a "big boy" afterall. :)

Aunt Jennie and Madison

How do you bath 3 kids under 4 all at 7 p.m.? Throw them in the tub together! Three proved to be quite a crowd when Austin decided to flip over on his stomach and attempt to swim laps in the tub. Madison is still recovering from getting knocked over. She is not nearly as enthusiastic at bath time these days.

Still no post floor pictures yet... we are having a few technical difficulties to say the least. Stay tuned!