Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We can't forget Uncle Mack...

Here's your shout out little brother! I forgot to include photos of Madison with her Uncle Mack. He came over to Jennie's to love all over her and I didn't even mention him in my original GA post! For those of you who aren't familiar.. Mack is known by "MyMack" to his nephew and two nieces. Maddie started it and I guess it has stuck.

A post about today.....
Madison has JUST now started to sit up in her crib. I think she just didn't realize she could! The first time she did it was two days ago. She was giggling abnormally when I put her down for a nap. I went to her video monitor and shot out of my room and in to hers. What I saw on the monitor was the top of her head. She was at the end of the crib and in my mind climbing out. (Keep in mind she is not fully pulling herself up and this would be the first time she has SAT UP in her crib.. yet I have her CLIMBING out of her crib and falling to the floor).... I guess I have the typical first time mom thoughts..... She has not done it since until this morning. I looked at the monitor, grabbed my camera, and raced in. My most favorite time of the day is when I get her up in the morning. This picture is very blurry. The room was pitch black so I don't think my camera could figure out what to focus on, but you get the idea. CHECK OUT THAT HAIR!

She is just flat out annoyed in this photo that I haven't yet picked her up. (Did you check out her hair? - HEE HEE)

We leave tomorrow for Greenville, SC. Jason's childhood friend, Kevin, is getting married. Madison will get some great time in with Nana and Pop!

While we are gone we are hoping and praying that our floors get finished... I'll update you one day when I feel like talking about it. :(