Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Child of Mine

My poor baby has been having some bad hives over the past few days. Luckily we were able to get in with an allergist this morning. Her issues started around 7 months of age with contact hives around her mouth from milk products. Around 11 months she seemed to have outgrown it. The past two days she broke out 3 different times. She had hives all over her face, eye lids, bloodshot eyes, swollen ears... I am so thankful a dose of Benedryl took care of it.

The appointment:

Let me first say that taking a one year old to any appointment should be considered a form a punishment... How are you suppose to actually have a conversation with the doctor after your baby has been scratched 800 times with welts on her back???

Anyway.... she reacted a 1 (1 small reaction - 4 big reaction) to peanuts, 3 to eggs, 1 to dust mites and a 3 to cockroaches... (Gross!) I felt the need to tell him that we did NOT have cockroaches even though he did not ask... there are some things that should not be left unspoken.

We don't have any real good answers. He is not going to restrict certain foods at this time. I'm only going to give her a daily antihistamine and go back at the end of August. Hopefully, the antihistamine will prevent future episodes and I don't have to be worried.

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