Monday, April 20, 2009

Friday Playdate

This past weekend was a very full, but very fun weekend. I'm going to try and slowly get caught up. We'll start with Friday

Friday was a beautiful day! It was the day before Madison's first birthday party. I had tons of family in route to NC from SC and GA. I had been preparing all week and needed a break! Several of my friends were heading to the park for lunch so we joined them. We started out on picnic blankets. Joy and Seth were unable to be at Madison's party so they brought her a gift.

Joy and Seth... Thanks for the gift!


We hung out on the blankets for a while. Madison loves puffs. She cruised right over to Seth and started grabbing them from where they fell in his seat.... while Seth was still in his seat! See the shame on her face? :)

The whole gang... Madison, Ella (she's working on sitting up.. not quite there yet), Seth, and Caroline (9 weeks... so sweet!).

From there we moved to the swings. Madison and Seth rode tandem and just giggled. It was so sweet!

Ella with her mom, Amy.

Madison is the oldest out of this group. She threw one of her first fits on Friday. She would throw her head back and arch her back any time I tried to take her away from the jungle gym. She loves to climb all around. I showed the other moms what they have to look forward to in the next several months....! HEE HEE!