Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Front Row Parking

Jason planned a big surprise for our anniversary. Since I was going to be out of town on the actual date he set it up for the Thursday before. He told me to get a sitter from 4:30 to midnight and to have the car "gassed up." So I could only conclude that we were going somewhere not nearby. Everyone was on time. (except I forgot to fill up the car... really sad).. After we filled up we ventured east. I started naming places we could be going and then I started naming places we "better not be going.." I then decided I better shut it... We pulled up to a restaurant. I was trying to figure out what was special about it. I mean we drove an hour and fifteen minutes to get to it! We were the only people in there not in formal attire. Jason and I spent a good 15 minutes of our dinner trying to figure out if the "kids" were in high school or college. Jason went to the restroom and I summoned the waiter. I asked and he said.. "these are Duke students"... right, right... of course. The food was wonderful, but still why the drive? I soon realized the night was not over!

We drove a short distance to the big event center. We found a spot about 100 feet from the front door. Jason couldn't believe our luck! He said it must be because we were 40 minutes early. He handed me an envelope and it was tickets to see Kathy Griffin. (6th row!) I was so thrilled. I know she is REALLY vulgar, but she makes me laugh. It was such a thoughtful gift because let's just say that Kathy is not Jason's cup of tea.

Since we were so early we strolled a few blocks and found a spot to get a drink. It took a while so we ordered and also asked for our tab right away. Jason asked the waitress if we could walk up this other street to get to the event center.

Jason - "Can we go up there to get to blah blah (can't remember the name)"
W - "Oh no! Don't tell me.. are you here to see Kathy Griffin?"
me - "Umm... yes, YES we are.."
W - "oh y'all.. don't make me tell you..."
me - "Tell us WHAT?"
W - "It's cancelled... strep throat"
Jason - "Drink up we're going home"

This was where we got the news.. obviously before

All in all we had a wonderful night even if it didn't include Kathy. The show is rescheduled for October. I guess that explains our parking spot.

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