Thursday, April 2, 2009

Home Again.....

Hopefully this was the last time Madison and I had to move out of our house. Floors are complete! YEAH! However, we have to wait at least another week to move furniture back in. See how happy Madison is to be home? Okay... I think she is just REALLY excited to see her two furry dogs at the back door. This was the only shot I got trying to show off the new hardwoods before she dashed off to the door.

We went to Greenville last weekend for Kevin's wedding. WHAT A MONSOON! I reminded Kevin that it's good luck to have it rain on your wedding day. They were married in the chapel at Furman University where his now wife attended. That campus was one of the most beautiful I have ever been on... (Keep in mind that I attended the MOST beautiful...North Georgia College!) I have to say I would rather be in a wedding than be the significant other of someone in the wedding. There is a lot of down time if you aren't participating. At the rehearsal several other significant others took me in. I hate to look like the friendless type so I was thankful.

Rehearsal Dinner

Jason Scott (aka "the other Jason"), Kevin, and my Jason. These boys grew up together.

Jason and another childhood friend Robbie. Robbie is expecting his THIRD girl late summer!

Granny, Jason's grandmother, came over to visit Madison. She brought her the sweet bunny! I love this photo of Madison staring it down!

Pop MADE Madison this wooden chick. When you pull the duck the wings flap. She is so lucky to have such a talented Pop!

After Greenville, we headed to Pfafftown to stay at Lori's house. Lori, John, Alston, and Parker were there for one night. When bath time rolled around we opted to bathe the kids together. I thought for sure this would go much more smoothly than the GA triple bath. Halfway through the bath Parker fell over face first. I was there in a flash and scooped him up. Parker sputtered, but was fine. He did not shed a tear. I wish I could say the same for Madison. After Parker fell she lost it and could not recover. Bath time was over for her! :) By the way.. Parker is 3 months younger than Madison. They both weigh 20 pounds!
This week was the Gaillard's spring break so they headed for Greenville and Charleston to visit family. Jason returned to work and I made myself at home in Pfafftown. (It's about 45 minutes from my house). Funny story... Yesterday it was a raining mess outside and Madison took the shortest nap ever. I decided that we HAD to get out of the house. I was in workout clothes, hair in a pony tail and to be quite honest had not had a shower all day. If you took the pony tail holder out of my hair.. it would have remained in a pony tail... yeah.. I looked that good! I mean.. who would I run into at the Target in Pfafftown, NC? So I'm strolling through and all of a sudden I hear.. "SHELBY?" Greattttttttt! It was Julie, my photographer, and her three girls looking cute as a button! Oh well... it never fails.. but it was great to see her!
Madison and I discovered the Radio Flyer wagon. This isn't just any wagon... it comes complete with flip up seats and cup holders! Madison tolerates a stroller, but LOVES LOVES LOVES this wagon! Thus, so do I! We went on several long walks to break up our day.

I arrived home today to find Madison's VERY OWN wagon on our front door step. Happy Birthday baby girl! Hopefully, I can hold out to give it to her on her birthday. :)