Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Madison's Birthday Kick Off

We went to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate Madison's birthday with some of her friends that won't be able to be at her party this weekend. They were so sweet to treat us to pizza, cupcakes, and a show! We sat as far away from the stage as possible in case the babies did not like the big mechanical furry creatures singing and playing instruments. They seemed to enjoy the show from afar. However, as soon as the Chuck E. Cheese mascot appeared at the table most of them melted. Chuck stood by Madison (who was completely oblivious) for a quick photo when she looked up and .. it was over. I swiftly asked Chuck to "go take a break." It's amazing the screaming children this giant mouse left in his wake. Madison got puzzles, Tadoodles, a wooden stack game, and a purse. She loves them all!

We had a great time with one exception. Later that evening I went to grab my camera out of the diaper bag and soon found myself searching in vain. I tore up the car, the trunk, and any other place I thought it could possibly have lodged itself. Jason was at the gym and when he got home I met him at the door in tears. I asked him if he had taken the camera out of my diaper bag and he looked at me with a sly smile. I was thinking to myself "OH THANK GOD"... However, Jason had been studying my face and his expression was quickly changing. I helped this process by shouting... "I'm NOT JOKING!" Then the panic transferred and he asked me if I called Chuck E. Cheese. After my anger passed at such a silly question... I explained to him how I spoke to someone who I could tell was probably twelve and trying to contain his laughter as he wrote my name and number down with what I am sure was an imaginary pen. Jason mumbled something about going up there in person and walked back out the door. He called me in route (I missed the first 18 times he called because I was drowning my sorrow in the shower) and wanted to know where I parked... SERIOUSLY? I told him. He was home about an hour later with guess what??? NO CAMERA.

So I have no camera and no photos... but luckily my friend, Katie, took lots of photos.