Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One Year Photo Session

Monday afternoon Madison and I drove to a beautiful location to meet my photographer, Julie, for Madison's one year photos. Madison always loves new faces (Julie's was new because it had been three months!) and so she smiled beautiful smiles in the first outfit. We did a few things and it was time for a wardrobe change... By then Julie was old news, not to mention we were trying to get shots of her sitting in the grass. Madison HATES grass... she puts one foot on top of the other and puts her hands in an awkward position in the air... not good for photos. We had her hold on to a chair and she looked like a flamingo holding one foot in the air! So we moved to a step in front of a historical building. This was right next to a road and there was a stop sign right where we were. Every person that came by (and there were lots of people) hung themselves out their car window, waved, smiled, and talked to my child... and Madison, being my social baby, could not help herself... she waved and waved and waved like she was on a float in a parade. Not really the look we were going for! We had to break for a picnic and then attempted a few more photos in different locations. We headed back to Julie's for her cake smash. And SMASH she did... Madison picked the cake up and flipped it upside down. Julie said she had never had that happen. Way to go baby girl!

I got a "sneak peak" last night and I was thrilled.

Favorites?? I can't wait to see the rest!

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