Thursday, April 23, 2009

The White Chair at One Year

Madison's actual birthday, Sunday, was very low key. Family had all gone home early in the morning and it was just the three of us. We decided to take Madison to the pool. She loves it. Jason stood her on the side of the pool and went through the motions like she was jumping in... she would sign "more" over and over until Jason did it again. I put her in a soft jumper after the pool so she could take a nap. When she woke up we took our traditional white chair photos.

She's telling you that she's "one" in this photo. Pretty smart huh?! :)

Such a sweet profile...

We had dinner and a slice of the left over cake. I put a candle on Madison's and we sang "Happy Birthday" to her again. After dinner we went for a walk. It was chilly out and so close to her bedtime that I didn't want to change her outfit. So I grabbed her baby legs.... (Yeah for baby legs!) and a sweater jacket... Could she be any more mismatched?!

I have been told that time flies and your babies grow so fast. Well, it's true. I cannot believe she is one year old. I have been told "Shelby, you survived your first year." I guess it is an accomplishment to get here in one piece. No one can prepare you for how hard it will be, but no one can prepare you for how much love and fulfillment you get either.

Madison and I had our moments. When she was just a few weeks old she projectile vomited for the first time in front of me. I knew she was having some issues, but had never witnessed one myself. I always seemed to catch it after the fact. I called the "nurse hot line." Normally a nurse calls you back, but I must have sounded hysterical. The doctor called me back. I told him that "this was NOT NORMAL ...something was wrong with MY BABY." He assured me that babies vomit like that all the time and it is normal as long as she is doing all other things properly. It's "infant reflux." I felt a little better..

We had a few other close calls... I was tossing her in the air and happened to be standing in the doorway in to the garage when I slammed her head into the threshhold... There really should be caution tap on that... Jason was in the driveway and I started screaming....!! He came in and got some ice.. a little bump, but she was going to be fine. One morning on my way to MOPS Madison started making weird noises in the back seat and threw up. I reached back there and could tell it was a lot. I whipped into a Rite Aid parking lot and began to panic. I jumped in the back seat and it crossed my mind to run in to Rite Aid screaming "call 911!" In my mind she was having an allergic reaction to something. I called my friend who calmed me down and directed me to her house where we waited for the Dr's office to call me back. (I was just going to drive straight there, but Amy said they might not be able to see her right away... What??? My child might be DYING!). We ended up not even needing to go to the Dr. Maybe she just didn't like her breakfast. :) When Madison was around six months old she woke up with a very bloodshot eye. I called the Dr. "just to see" and they wanted to see her "RIGHT AWAY." (Well that's how it sounded to me). OMG! What could be wrong? I envisioned her loosing her eyesight. Turned out that it was a little case of pink eye. These are just a few of my "close calls."

My poor sister, I must have called her a hundred thousand times over this past year asking... "Is that normal??" :) So yes, we survived our first year. I have learned that I'm not going to break her. I have learned that we will have bumps and bruises along the way, but it's all worth it!

Madison is not yet walking. She still scoots, but sometimes she will crawl "normally." She is pulling up very well and is very proud when she does. She likes to look over at you for your applause. She walks around the coffee table and between her toys with support. She loves to swing, play with other babies and kids, play with balls... her first word was "Mama" and she mumbles da da all the time. She can sign more, baby, dog, and flower. She points at EVERYTHING and can direct us with her finger to get what she wants. She is a picky eater and I go through all sorts of food at each meal. I try out new things, reintroduce old things, and usually end up feeding her things I know she'll eat. She is so happy and very social. She will wave and smile at anyone. She's our very sweet baby...

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