Sunday, May 31, 2009

North Carolina Wine Festival

Every year that we have been in North Carolina we try to attend the NC wine festival. It all started several years ago when I heard that Shawn Mullins was the headliner for the festival. He went to my college several years before I attended. I recruited two of my good college friends to come up from Atlanta for a visit. They come back every year for the festival even though Shawn Mullins has not been back. I can only conclude that it may have had something to do with a crowd of girls standing in front of the stage screaming "Go St. Bernard's" (our school's mascot) until he gave in and gave a shout out to NGCSU. It hasn't stopped us from making it an annual event.

This year the weather was PERFECT. Sunny and eighty degrees. We set up our tent, chairs, and table. We made our way around all the tents sampling wine and food. Finally, we purchased a few of our favorites and headed back to our tent. We spent the rest of the afternoon talking, laughing, listening to the live music, and people watching.

Jason met up with a coworker and we found ourselves without a camera man... so of course we did a few self portraits. I love close ups so these usually turn out to be my favorite pictures!

Kat, Amy, and me!

I really love this photo because it gives you an idea of what we were sitting in the middle of... and this was just a SMALL fraction of the whole event!

My driver, camera man, and carrier of MANY things that day!

We had such a great time!! Thanks girls!

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Madison's Fashion Friday

Today was another bad weather day. If it wasn't raining it was hot and HUMID. That ranks right up there with my top picks for bad weather. I took a shower and I didn't want to ruin it by stepping outside. :) So we took her pictures inside today.

Does it get any cuter than this pink and yellow jumper?!

On a side note..I have a great camera we purchased a few years ago. However, I'm an idiot when it comes to working it. If you know what you are doing (which I don't) it can take phenomenal pictures. MckMama is a photographer and did a post on getting blurry backgrounds with an SLR. Here is my attempt to achieve that look. I think it turned out okay, but I still have a lot to learn.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance?

What do you think? Should we enter her?

I think Charli was really impressed....

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Madison's Nursery

It's Friday and that means it's time for the "Show Us Where You Live" tour at Kelly's Korner. This Friday is nurseries/children's rooms. Here is Madison's nursery.

As I mentioned in my guest room tour my spare rooms are tiny. They are 10x10 so I had to make use of every inch in this room. As you will see there is no wasted space.
I first found the bedding and then chose a spring green for the wall paint. On the inside of her bumper the colors are softer shades of pink and green while the outside of the bumper, quilt, bed skirt, and pillows are brighter shades. I flip between the spring green sheet and a pink sheet.

I went with a simple white silk for her curtains and took them up to the ceiling to try and make the room look bigger.

Since her room is so tiny I liked the idea of having baskets instead of heavy drawers for her changing table supplies. I hate the cord running down the wall, but we have a video monitor so it has to go there. I LOVE being able to see her without going in the room so it's worth it.

She was "organizing" while I was trying to take photos. I turned around and she had all of the wipes out of the wipe warmer and diapers out of the basket!

Along with tiny rooms come tiny closets... and hers is no exception. Jason took the door off the hinges and went to work. He built shelves and installed lighting. The lights were perfect as a night light for my middle of the night feedings.

I love these two items on her shelves. The collage is from her 3 month portraits and the plate was a gift from my sister-n-law.

Her dresser with another favorite item ....
her lamp!

I could not find any art that I liked to match her nursery so I got a little crafty! The giraffes are greeting cards I found at Target. The pink circles and green trim are fuzzy and raised and match perfectly with her bumper. I glued them to polka dot scrapbook paper and put them in these frames with large mats. I think they turned out pretty cute hung next to each other.

Here is the rocking chair where I do her monthly pictures. I made the table cloths on her side table. I first bought the white silk to match the curtains and soon realized it needed a little something extra so I bought the pink fabric and made the square.

Madison managed to somehow squeeze into this corner where I made room for her Diaper Genie. Gotta have that!
I've gotten several questions about her room... I got the lamp, glider, bedding, and curtains in Atlanta at "The Mart." The vendor for the lamp is "Lampware." The vendor for the bedding is "Kristaben".. and they have a website . If you can't get in to the Mart you may be able to find it by these vendors through a retailer. Hope this helps!!

Paint color - The color is gleeful. I got it off a strip at Lowes. However, I had them mix it with Valspar (american tradition) paint so I am not sure which brand of paint it is. Here is a picture of the label. I hope this helps!

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Thirteen months and one week...

I'm one week late on this post and thus one week late on taking Madison's white rocker photos. I'll take a pass since we were at the beach.

Madison has started walking, but only to get short distances. When she walks between us her upper body starts moving a lot faster than her little legs so we end up catching her before she hits the floor! She loves to get into the standing position. Once she's up she stands there and claps for herself and this usually is just enough movement to knock her back down to her pampered bottom. She doesn't mind and does this over and over.

Madison is the pickiest eater! Jason and I love all types of foods so I'm hoping this is just a phase and will pass. If she could talk I really think she would say that raisins are her favorite food. She also likes hot dogs, but I'm trying to limit those.

She has not yet expanded her vocabulary beyond "uh-oh," "mama," and "dada," but she mimics your tone. She has many signs now and can pretty much pick up any you teach her.

She loves to give kisses. Her favorite book is "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" She kisses each animal as you turn the page.

She is still very fond of her lovey. Lately we are having a hard time convincing her that she cannot eat while holding it. We have to make sure it's out of sight before we strap her in to the highchair. Otherwise she reaches and whimpers for it. Pitiful! She also can play a mad game of peek-a-boo with it.

Madison loves to sit in my lap with her lovey and her thumb in her mouth. I let her do this as long as she likes. Friends tease us that we never put her down. That is okay by me... I know these days are numbered.
The photo shoot went pretty well as long as I let her hold this medicine cup. If I took it away she wasn't haven't any of it!

After a few shots in the rocking chair I moved her to her crib. This was about the only shot I got.... after one click of the camera....

I got this...

So we quickly ended there. :)

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Orange Beach Chair

Madison hates grass, dirt, and yes.. sand. She wanted her tush on the beach blanket. I didn't have to worry about her crawling off because the edge of the blanket was as far as she cared to venture. I brought this beach chair down and planted myself in it most days. Once I got out of it Madison took herself to it as long as she was able to get to it without stepping in the sand. (We used it to help anchor the blanket so normally that was not a problem.)

You can see Luke and Jason playing bocce ball in the background..

We had our good friends, Amy, Luke, and baby Ella come and join us the last few days of our trip. Ella is 5 months younger than Madison, but now that she can sit up they are interacting much more. Ella loved the sand. Amy had her sitting in it playing with toys and suggested we get a picture of the two of them in the sand together. I kinda giggled a "yeah right" and proceeded to place Madison next to Ella. She would not bend and began crying at the thought of me forcing her to sit in the sand! So this is the best we could do!

Two happy babies on the blanket...

and in the orange chairs...

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Madison's Fashion Friday

This first picture has nothing to do with Fashion Friday. I added it because it's so darn cute!

We are live from the beach. What else could I possibly have to show you for Madison's Fashion Friday other than swimsuits?! The mid-day sun is harsh (I'm not complaining!) so bear with the shadows.

I brought Madison out in this suit and Jason said "Oh my gosh.." I said, "what?" looking around oblivious to the fact that he's talking about her suit. He said.. "she looks like a watermelon".. REALLY? Is that what comes to mind with this adorable flowered suit? Nonsense! I saw this one at Target for under ten dollars. Such a deal and so adorable! I love the ruffles around the top.. and it does NOT resemble a watermelon.

Here is her cover up with her name on the front... aside from monogramming I am a sucker for ric rac.

The suit it's covering has her initials monogrammed in pink (hard to tell in this photo)... PRECIOUS! I love nothing more than my baby's belly button.

My ballerina at the beach! I got this suit to go with her infamous ladybug sunglasses... or maybe it was the other way around. I can't remember. :)


We brought along her pool and I'm so thankful. Jason fills it with hot water from the kitchen and she has her own little jacuzzi overlooking the ocean.

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