Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mostly Madison's Fashion Friday

It's Fashion Friday.. and that is the main point of this post. However, I have two very important updates!

First, Madison has spoken her second word. Her first word, I swear, was "Mama." She has only said it once, but it was a very distinct "Mama" directed at me so it counts. Anyway, her second word and the only word she chooses to say at the moment is "Uh Oh." It's more like "uh ohhhhhhh." It's especially cute when she says it after throwing food off her tray. Thank goodness for my clean up crew (aka - the dogs).

Second - Yesterday I had a dentist appointment and like six months is not enough notice I totally forgot. Luckily Char could keep her. On the way home from the dentist I thought it would be funny to burst through Char's door and say "so did you get her walking?" Well before I could even get the words out of my mouth Char said "I see Madison's taking steps." Just like that.. "WHAT?? Your kidding right??!!" Yeah.. in the 50 minutes I was gone getting my teeth cleaned Madison took her first steps. She then walked about 4 steps from Char to me. She's refused an encore performance for her dad, but hopefully we will get it on video soon.

In the meantime here is Miss M in her Fashion Friday attire. I bought this adorable romper and then had an "M" monogrammed on it.

Our picture taking began outside, but we quickly headed in from the rain. (Notice my hyperactive dog in the background?... I threw a ball to get her off the deck.)

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