Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I really enjoy reading Mckmama's blog. Every Monday she does "Not Me!" Monday. I don't really have anything to share, but if I did it would probably go something like this....

This past Friday I took Madison for a picnic/playdate at the park. I emerged from the house with my diaper bag, lunch box, booster seat, picnic blanket, and camera. I absolutely did not choose to put the camera on top of the car so I could free part of one hand to place Madison in her car seat. I did not say to myself "Shelby... do not forget that you put that on the roof of the car.." why would I???... because I would not do something so stupid.. I learned my lesson the last time I was in public alone with our camera. I did not back out of my driveway, pass three houses in my neighborhood, and hear the deafening slide of something on the roof of my car and down my back windshield... and I most certainly did NOT have to stop the car in the middle of the road and collect my camera off the trunk of my car all the while not cussing in front of my one year old. NOPE...not me.

See.. I even took this photo on the way (at a stop light).
and these at the park... The camera is totally fine in my posession.

When we finished up our playdate I made a very smart decision to carry all of the above items back to my car in two trips instead of one. I did not make a really dumb decision to sit Madison in the backseat (not in her car seat) and attempt to fold up the picnic blanket. That would be so stupid because she could fall face first into the floor board. Lastly.. I didn't overreact by screaming loud enough to startle my friend, Joy, who was securing her son in his car seat. Nope.. not me. :)

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