Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Orange Beach Chair

Madison hates grass, dirt, and yes.. sand. She wanted her tush on the beach blanket. I didn't have to worry about her crawling off because the edge of the blanket was as far as she cared to venture. I brought this beach chair down and planted myself in it most days. Once I got out of it Madison took herself to it as long as she was able to get to it without stepping in the sand. (We used it to help anchor the blanket so normally that was not a problem.)

You can see Luke and Jason playing bocce ball in the background..

We had our good friends, Amy, Luke, and baby Ella come and join us the last few days of our trip. Ella is 5 months younger than Madison, but now that she can sit up they are interacting much more. Ella loved the sand. Amy had her sitting in it playing with toys and suggested we get a picture of the two of them in the sand together. I kinda giggled a "yeah right" and proceeded to place Madison next to Ella. She would not bend and began crying at the thought of me forcing her to sit in the sand! So this is the best we could do!

Two happy babies on the blanket...

and in the orange chairs...

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