Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Living Rooms

It's Friday and two things happen around here on Friday. Madison's Fashion Friday and the "Show Us Where You Live" tour at Kelly's Korner . Today on the tour is the Living Room and this is ours!

The view from the kitchen....

The view looking back into the kitchen. One thing I like about my house is the open floor plan.

I love the metal vases on my mantle. I got them in Madison, Georgia very close to my hometown of Milledgeville about a month ago. Madison and I were staying with my parents while our floors were being refinished and extended.

This is probably my favorite thing in the room. I bought this armoire a few years after I was married at an antique store in Milledgeville. I think it's beautiful. It currently holds all my scrapbooking "stuff."

I love to mix things up. A great example are all my end tables!

I almost didn't take a picture of this end table. Now you see my secret stash of toys. Believe me there are plenty more upstairs.

Last, but not least are my ginger jars and tray (wedding gift).

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