Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thirteen months and one week...

I'm one week late on this post and thus one week late on taking Madison's white rocker photos. I'll take a pass since we were at the beach.

Madison has started walking, but only to get short distances. When she walks between us her upper body starts moving a lot faster than her little legs so we end up catching her before she hits the floor! She loves to get into the standing position. Once she's up she stands there and claps for herself and this usually is just enough movement to knock her back down to her pampered bottom. She doesn't mind and does this over and over.

Madison is the pickiest eater! Jason and I love all types of foods so I'm hoping this is just a phase and will pass. If she could talk I really think she would say that raisins are her favorite food. She also likes hot dogs, but I'm trying to limit those.

She has not yet expanded her vocabulary beyond "uh-oh," "mama," and "dada," but she mimics your tone. She has many signs now and can pretty much pick up any you teach her.

She loves to give kisses. Her favorite book is "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" She kisses each animal as you turn the page.

She is still very fond of her lovey. Lately we are having a hard time convincing her that she cannot eat while holding it. We have to make sure it's out of sight before we strap her in to the highchair. Otherwise she reaches and whimpers for it. Pitiful! She also can play a mad game of peek-a-boo with it.

Madison loves to sit in my lap with her lovey and her thumb in her mouth. I let her do this as long as she likes. Friends tease us that we never put her down. That is okay by me... I know these days are numbered.
The photo shoot went pretty well as long as I let her hold this medicine cup. If I took it away she wasn't haven't any of it!

After a few shots in the rocking chair I moved her to her crib. This was about the only shot I got.... after one click of the camera....

I got this...

So we quickly ended there. :)

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