Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Whatever It Takes...

I think anyone with a toddler either has or should have this saying in their life. I find myself saying it or at the very least thinking it all the time. As a matter of fact I said it in my last post. Tonight while I was attempting to cook dinner Madison was having one of those nights where she just wanted to be held. I found myself stepping over my pitiful screaming child trying to get dinner on the stove. I needed entertainment and fast. And then I remembered an email I received today. A few weeks ago I signed up on this great website, productive parenting, that I heard about from another blogging mom. They will send you daily e-mails with age appropriate ideas of things to do with your child. Today was "Kitchen Band." I know people for generations have been doing this, but we have yet to give it a try. So I whipped out some weird kitchen equipment (I avoided my pots and pans because they are really heavy) and she went to town. This provided enough entertainment for me to get dinner cooked. Granted I did have a complete obstacle course while cooking but, whatever it takes!!

I think dinner was worth the wait!

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