Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yuck Weather!

I really envisioned this trip to the beach differently. I saw myself on the beach in the warm sunshine with quite possibly a Pina Colada and a magazine watching Madison and Jason playing in the sand. However, that would require us relocating ourselves to a different beach on a different coast. It's cold, windy, overcast and if I'm trying to find a positive... not raining today.

It was even colder yesterday and raining so we went to the aquarium after lunch. I thought Madison would be too young for the aquarium, but we needed a change of scenery! She proved me very wrong... she loved it and I loved watching her see things for the first time. She would start "ooooohhhhhhhing" well before we got close to a tank. People around us would start laughing at her excitement.

This was a neat exhibit where you could touch the sting rays.... We opted out of the touching, but enjoyed watching others do it.

I think this alligator was more fascinated with Madison than she was with him. He came right up to her and just stared. It was a little creepy.

Not to quote Rascal Flatts, but I'm "praying for sunshine!"

OH... and yes we bought this over priced photo... I'm thinking it may be the only photo opportunity of the three of us together on this trip! (Such a sucker I know!)

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