Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Get the Idea?

I'm HOME! Jason picked me up at the airport this morning with Madison in tow. I threw down my purse and magazines (gotta have those) to snatch her up. I swear she grew an inch and her hair is longer and somehow her little babbles sound even more like actual words. I kissed her little neck and chubby arms screaming that a week was way to long to be away. Then I noticed Jason and gave him a kiss too... HEE HEE. I had so much fun. I took this photo off my balcony with my cell phone the morning we left... can you believe I was there??? It was paradise. I am waiting on photos from one of my girlfriends. We decided to designate one camera this year for photos. It makes so much more sense than asking strangers to take photos of us with 50 different cameras. I can't wait to blog about all the fun.
Right before Jason took me to the airport I turned around to get a photo of Madison to have on my phone. Madison realized I was leaving and she was staying behind. Sorry for the blur, but she is having a little fit. Jason's mom, Nana, called me a little while later to tell me she was doing just fine.

I had a few celebrity sitings... Betsy swore the guy in the hat and greenish shirt was Will-i-am from Black Eyed Peas. Kerrie pretended to pose in front of him so I could take a photo and send to Jason. We figured out quickly that was NOT him.

On my way home I shared a pole with Tom Selleck on the train in the Atlanta airport. I am positive this was him. I was too worried about keeping my personal space personal to really notice, but when he got off at his terminal EVERYONE on the train started talking about how that was Tom... Pretty neat!

While I was away Jason sent me several photos of Madison. This was the first one I received... love it.. looked at it A LOT!

He also sent me this one... they look a little sad I think. Must have been missing me.. :)

Hopefully, I'll get to post about the trip soon!

OH!.. my bead board walls look GREAT! I have to get the bathroom back together and then I'll post pictures.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Show Us Where You Live - Master Bedroom

It's show us where you live Friday at Kelly's Korner!! Here is our master bedroom...

Our master is definitely bigger than our spare rooms, but definitely not huge! We have a king and I would have to say it takes up the majority of the room, but a necessity for us. Jason and I both have some height on us. We spent our first year of marriage in a full size bed... not funny at the time, but funny looking back on it.
If nothing else ever got done in my house I would ALWAYS make my bed. The rest of the room could be a disaster, but the bed will be made!

I actually hate having a TV in our bedroom. We hardly watch it and that should be apparent given it's weird proximity to the bed. I usually only have it on to listen to the news while I'm getting dressed.

My bedside table...(The odd little screen is Madison's video monitor.)

This is my dresser (Jason's is in our guest room) and it has a photo of me and my dad from my wedding day. I treasure it!

If I had to pick a favorite item in my room it would have to be my lamps! I have a thing for lamps...

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Update: I got the lamps at Home Goods. :)

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Madison's Fashion Friday... on Wednesday?

I'm leaving in a few hours to fly to Atlanta. We actually depart from Atlanta in the morning for St. Thomas. My bags are packed and my heart is heavy. I have left Madison one other time in April for a women's retreat with my church. However, that trip was only two nights. I will be gone seven days this time and knowing I'll be away from her for that long just seems unnatural. I know she will be in good hands, but it's hard to shake the feeling.
We had a little photo session this morning so we don't miss a week of pictures!! I love this dress and bloomers. I bought it in a little baby store in downtown Madison, Georgia. (Can you tell I love to go to Madison?? It must have something to do with the name.)
Here are some action shots.

A view from the rear...

And what is cuter than ruffles on the bottom??
Not really my pick of lovey backgrounds for these photos, but you can't argue with a walking toddler.

I bought flowers this morning to put in the house for Nana and Pop. She did try to eat them once or twice, but I think she figured out that they weren't too tasty.

So I leave you with this...

I am THRILLED to be going to St. Thomas and spending quality time with my girlfriends. I will miss the girls who cannot make it this year. I'll be thinking about you.. and Madison! :)
OH... and Jason and his dad are going to be putting up bead board in my guest bath... YEAH!

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Girl's Beach Trip

My college girlfriends and I go to the beach every year since we graduated in 2000. That first year we went to Jamaica and the following years we went primarily to Florida. We swore the year we turned thirty we would do another big trip. It just so happened that a number of us were either pregnant or had recently had a baby and we decided to postpone one year. (If it were a pefect world there would be 12 of us on every trip... it flucates depending on what is going on in our lives!) Well... this is the year. I leave Wednesday for St. Thomas with my girlfriends and I cannot wait! Don't worry... Madison will be in good hands while Jason is at work. Her Nana and Pop are coming to take care of her.

This picture is from 2006...

2007- I found out I was pregnant with Madison two days before I left for this trip. I wanted to wait and tell everyone once I was out of my first trimester, but they pretty much knew as soon as I got there!

I missed 2008 because Madison was only a few months old and I just couldn't leave her. I joke that if I wasn't there it didn't happen. I don't like them to discuss missed trips around me! :) However, I was kinda there.. One night they went out to dinner and there was this little girl just wanting to hang out with them while at dinner. (We are usually very loud). They asked her name and she said "Shelby." (They all about died so they tell me... ) Here she is posing with them... HEE HEE!

I would love to put a picture up of every year, but I don't have the patience or time to hunt them down! Plus, I don't think I was digital in the beginning. What did we do before digital cameras??

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daddy's Home...

We were finally able to celebrate Father's Day... Jason arrived home and Madison took him his present.

Once Madison pulled the paper back to reveal the cover we asked her "Who is that?!" She got this real sweet shy smile on her face.. she knew!

We got him a photo book with pictures of just the two of them. I had this idea a few months ago and it's a good thing I started working on it then! It took me a long time to go through all of our files searching for those pictures, but in the end it was totally worth it.
The last page was blank so I stamped her hand print on it to personalize it!

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Happy Father's Day!

This photo of Madison and Jason is from last night while we were out to dinner with some friends. Jason had to unexpectedly work this morning. Madison and I got dressed and went to church ourselves. However, not before trying to snap a few photos this morning for dad.

Madison is walking well enough to be "let loose" on the driveway! I love how she has her tongue out in this photo.

Jason, we love you and miss you! You are a wonderful daddy to our little girl!

We also wanted to wish Pop and Odie a Happy GRANDFather's Day. We wish we could spend it with you!

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Madison's Fashion Friday

I got this dress the same time I bought the dress in this post. They are similar in design, but have two totally different looks. I think you could almost eat this strawberry!

Our neighbors across the street are getting a new roof. I don't think she could quite figure it out. There were three men on the roof.

I always know it's time to wrap up when I get the thumb because once it's in it's not coming back out.

So I put her back in her wagon and went for a walk. I always point out flowers on our walk and stop so she can take them in. My favorite are hydrangas and these were just beautiful. This was taken with my cell phone!

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14 Months Old

This is my one millionth post of the day. A lot is happening around here. Today Madison is fourteen months old so it was time for another white chair photo session. I racked my brain this morning to try and figure out a way to get her to sit in the chair and smile. I grabbed Gigi and April (they came named and we have stuck with it!) and put them on the floor next to me. I took the one picture above and then held April up and this is what I got...

So I gave April to her and got this...

Fine! So here is Madison on the day she turns 14 months old with April AND Gigi!

We all know what this means...

I made one last attempt to get a few more pictures and put her in her crib. She signed "eat" and I know you can't argue with a hungry toddler.
Speaking of eating... Madison has taken a big interest in feeding herself this month. I have read and know that this is so important for their development. However, I am not going to lie... it is very painful for me to relinquish control. First of all it's messy, like I need to mop messy. (I am so thankful for Charli and Abbey.) I am also amazed at how horribly a bib can fail in this situation. Second it is a very SLOW process. She has a hard time getting the food on the spoon and to actually get the food successfully in her mouth would take a miracle. I let her for a while and then I try to take over which may result in a meltdown leaving us both covered in her dinner. Last night Jason was late getting home and we were having our dinner. I had the camera nearby and took some shots of her efforts specifically for her 14 month post.
Jason walked in from work at that moment and I was able to capture this... the girl loves her daddy!
Madison's growth has slowed since she turned one. 99% of her summer wardrobe is a 12 to 18 months. They swallow her right now. A 6 to 12 months fits her perfectly. The dress she has on today is actually the reverse side of her Easter Dress.
She tries to say certain words. Her new one is bubbles or "Bubba." She walks like a pro. I really love that she can walk except when we are in a store and she wants to get down to organize! She is much more independent although she still likes to be held. She's a mean dancer! We put music on every night and she rocks it out! She loves to get in any body of water...sink, pool, baby pool, bath, but does not like water poured over her head (I can't say I blame her). She has taken a bigger interest in the dogs. She loves to "pet" Charli (Abbey won't let her) and squeals whenever she sees them. I can't wait to see what this month brings.

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