Friday, June 19, 2009

14 Months Old

This is my one millionth post of the day. A lot is happening around here. Today Madison is fourteen months old so it was time for another white chair photo session. I racked my brain this morning to try and figure out a way to get her to sit in the chair and smile. I grabbed Gigi and April (they came named and we have stuck with it!) and put them on the floor next to me. I took the one picture above and then held April up and this is what I got...

So I gave April to her and got this...

Fine! So here is Madison on the day she turns 14 months old with April AND Gigi!

We all know what this means...

I made one last attempt to get a few more pictures and put her in her crib. She signed "eat" and I know you can't argue with a hungry toddler.
Speaking of eating... Madison has taken a big interest in feeding herself this month. I have read and know that this is so important for their development. However, I am not going to lie... it is very painful for me to relinquish control. First of all it's messy, like I need to mop messy. (I am so thankful for Charli and Abbey.) I am also amazed at how horribly a bib can fail in this situation. Second it is a very SLOW process. She has a hard time getting the food on the spoon and to actually get the food successfully in her mouth would take a miracle. I let her for a while and then I try to take over which may result in a meltdown leaving us both covered in her dinner. Last night Jason was late getting home and we were having our dinner. I had the camera nearby and took some shots of her efforts specifically for her 14 month post.
Jason walked in from work at that moment and I was able to capture this... the girl loves her daddy!
Madison's growth has slowed since she turned one. 99% of her summer wardrobe is a 12 to 18 months. They swallow her right now. A 6 to 12 months fits her perfectly. The dress she has on today is actually the reverse side of her Easter Dress.
She tries to say certain words. Her new one is bubbles or "Bubba." She walks like a pro. I really love that she can walk except when we are in a store and she wants to get down to organize! She is much more independent although she still likes to be held. She's a mean dancer! We put music on every night and she rocks it out! She loves to get in any body of water...sink, pool, baby pool, bath, but does not like water poured over her head (I can't say I blame her). She has taken a bigger interest in the dogs. She loves to "pet" Charli (Abbey won't let her) and squeals whenever she sees them. I can't wait to see what this month brings.

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