Sunday, June 14, 2009

Children's Museum

First of all.. I have to apologize for the quality of the photos. We took our point and shoot and it does not take the greatest pictures... boo.

We decided to take Madison to the Children's Museum today. She hasn't been since February and WOW what a difference a few months will make. She was far too young when we went the first time for a birthday party. Today she was oohing and awing as we walked in the front door.
She was walking and clapping her hands! I LOVE IT!

Flying High...

She's seated in a fire engine. She looks thrilled.. right?

Out of the entire museum I think her favorite activity was pretending to "have tea."

I was so amazed at how she "poured the tea." I think she needs her own tea set.

Hot Wheels!

They have a really big sand box at the museum. She acted interested so I took her shoes off. Jason stood there and shook his head..."she's not going to get in"... I took her over and went to stand her in the sand and she drew her feet up. The lower I dropped her down the higher she raised her feet. NO WAY was she getting in the sand. You gotta keep trying .. right? :)

On the ride home we played peek-a-boo. She was so tired!

Madison is such a happy baby. She's exhausted, but still giving me a smile. I had the camera in my pocket and I couldn't resist.

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