Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fun with Friends!

Poor Madison... she was DYING to go outside and get in her pool. Thankfully, she was having friends over to swim. We started out eating lunch. It was complete chaos. I had dogs barking, babies crying, and door bells ringing all at the same time... I wouldn't trade it for my old cubicle EVER. Jason will occasionally mention me going back to work once the kid(s) are in school... and I have to sweetly remind him that I am retired. HEE HEE!

The Players:

Of course Madison... Her name is in the title of this blog! (She hit her eye on the side of the bath tub while walking into the bathroom this morning. I'm sure this is the first of MANY walking accidents.)

Sweet Baby Ella... (you might remember her from our beach trip)

Seth - He oozes personality!!

The newest addition to this group... Molly! She is 5 weeks old and not quite ready for the pool. Maybe next summer... (We also had Caroline and her mommy with us. They left before we headed outside with the camera.)

Madison and Seth finished their lunch first so we went ahead out.

Ella soon joined in on the fun.

Madison loves Molly. If you ask her "where is the baby," she will point at both Ella and Molly. Such a big girl!
Madison's new love is her belly button. She loves to point it out on herself and will love to show others mine too. I'm not such a fan of this game. I thought this was a sweet shot.. she couldn't quite get to it in the one piece.

This looks so simple right? Just a little prepping...pulling out my cushions and umbrella for the deck furniture. Blowing up the baby pool... (okay... maybe Jason did this, but I know it would have been hard). Pulling the hose out from under the house (yes, we store it there to keep Charli from eating it.. and I speak from past experience, but this is a story for another day). Hooking up the hose (I swear that took 30 minutes and I got completely sprayed when I turned on the faucet right after I had showered and dressed). Filling up the pool (I added several pitchers of hot water from the kitchen faucet), poop patrol of the yard, and I made one great batch of brownies! So by the time everyone arrived I was all ready for a nap. BUT in the end it is totally worth the effort to have the company of such great friends. THANKS GIRLS!

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