Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Get the Idea?

I'm HOME! Jason picked me up at the airport this morning with Madison in tow. I threw down my purse and magazines (gotta have those) to snatch her up. I swear she grew an inch and her hair is longer and somehow her little babbles sound even more like actual words. I kissed her little neck and chubby arms screaming that a week was way to long to be away. Then I noticed Jason and gave him a kiss too... HEE HEE. I had so much fun. I took this photo off my balcony with my cell phone the morning we left... can you believe I was there??? It was paradise. I am waiting on photos from one of my girlfriends. We decided to designate one camera this year for photos. It makes so much more sense than asking strangers to take photos of us with 50 different cameras. I can't wait to blog about all the fun.
Right before Jason took me to the airport I turned around to get a photo of Madison to have on my phone. Madison realized I was leaving and she was staying behind. Sorry for the blur, but she is having a little fit. Jason's mom, Nana, called me a little while later to tell me she was doing just fine.

I had a few celebrity sitings... Betsy swore the guy in the hat and greenish shirt was Will-i-am from Black Eyed Peas. Kerrie pretended to pose in front of him so I could take a photo and send to Jason. We figured out quickly that was NOT him.

On my way home I shared a pole with Tom Selleck on the train in the Atlanta airport. I am positive this was him. I was too worried about keeping my personal space personal to really notice, but when he got off at his terminal EVERYONE on the train started talking about how that was Tom... Pretty neat!

While I was away Jason sent me several photos of Madison. This was the first one I received... love it.. looked at it A LOT!

He also sent me this one... they look a little sad I think. Must have been missing me.. :)

Hopefully, I'll get to post about the trip soon!

OH!.. my bead board walls look GREAT! I have to get the bathroom back together and then I'll post pictures.

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