Monday, June 22, 2009

Girl's Beach Trip

My college girlfriends and I go to the beach every year since we graduated in 2000. That first year we went to Jamaica and the following years we went primarily to Florida. We swore the year we turned thirty we would do another big trip. It just so happened that a number of us were either pregnant or had recently had a baby and we decided to postpone one year. (If it were a pefect world there would be 12 of us on every trip... it flucates depending on what is going on in our lives!) Well... this is the year. I leave Wednesday for St. Thomas with my girlfriends and I cannot wait! Don't worry... Madison will be in good hands while Jason is at work. Her Nana and Pop are coming to take care of her.

This picture is from 2006...

2007- I found out I was pregnant with Madison two days before I left for this trip. I wanted to wait and tell everyone once I was out of my first trimester, but they pretty much knew as soon as I got there!

I missed 2008 because Madison was only a few months old and I just couldn't leave her. I joke that if I wasn't there it didn't happen. I don't like them to discuss missed trips around me! :) However, I was kinda there.. One night they went out to dinner and there was this little girl just wanting to hang out with them while at dinner. (We are usually very loud). They asked her name and she said "Shelby." (They all about died so they tell me... ) Here she is posing with them... HEE HEE!

I would love to put a picture up of every year, but I don't have the patience or time to hunt them down! Plus, I don't think I was digital in the beginning. What did we do before digital cameras??

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