Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Madison's Fashion Friday... on Wednesday?

I'm leaving in a few hours to fly to Atlanta. We actually depart from Atlanta in the morning for St. Thomas. My bags are packed and my heart is heavy. I have left Madison one other time in April for a women's retreat with my church. However, that trip was only two nights. I will be gone seven days this time and knowing I'll be away from her for that long just seems unnatural. I know she will be in good hands, but it's hard to shake the feeling.
We had a little photo session this morning so we don't miss a week of pictures!! I love this dress and bloomers. I bought it in a little baby store in downtown Madison, Georgia. (Can you tell I love to go to Madison?? It must have something to do with the name.)
Here are some action shots.

A view from the rear...

And what is cuter than ruffles on the bottom??
Not really my pick of lovey backgrounds for these photos, but you can't argue with a walking toddler.

I bought flowers this morning to put in the house for Nana and Pop. She did try to eat them once or twice, but I think she figured out that they weren't too tasty.

So I leave you with this...

I am THRILLED to be going to St. Thomas and spending quality time with my girlfriends. I will miss the girls who cannot make it this year. I'll be thinking about you.. and Madison! :)
OH... and Jason and his dad are going to be putting up bead board in my guest bath... YEAH!

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