Thursday, June 11, 2009

Madison's Fashion Friday

Pictures are getting really hard now that Madison is walking. She doesn't want to sit for a photo shoot. When we are outside she mainly wants me to hold her. There is NO WAY this girl is going to sit in the grass. As a matter of fact she won't even stand in the grass. So I attempted to get some shots of her on the play scape while making sure she didn't fall off ...all the while trying to get her to smile.

It doesn't help that 75% of my great photo moments are ruined by Charli and her ball.... She walks right in front of the camera, drops her ball, and barks at me until I throw it.

Madison is sitting at the top of the slide watching Charli bark at me. (I think she is slightly annoyed at this point.)

Lunging to go down the slide...

This is the only full shot of the day... Oh how I love a bubble. (This one is Chez Ami).

I love this sweet profile shot of my girl.

Speaking of bubbles...I pulled out Madison's bubbles for the first time today since last summer! She loved them although in this picture it looks like she was running from them. I have the towel on the floor in the background trying to make a landing pad for the bubbles.. That didn't really work! Oh, and that is her baby pool in the center of my living room. I also have pit balls for it. Another fun activity.

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