Thursday, June 25, 2009

Show Us Where You Live - Master Bedroom

It's show us where you live Friday at Kelly's Korner!! Here is our master bedroom...

Our master is definitely bigger than our spare rooms, but definitely not huge! We have a king and I would have to say it takes up the majority of the room, but a necessity for us. Jason and I both have some height on us. We spent our first year of marriage in a full size bed... not funny at the time, but funny looking back on it.
If nothing else ever got done in my house I would ALWAYS make my bed. The rest of the room could be a disaster, but the bed will be made!

I actually hate having a TV in our bedroom. We hardly watch it and that should be apparent given it's weird proximity to the bed. I usually only have it on to listen to the news while I'm getting dressed.

My bedside table...(The odd little screen is Madison's video monitor.)

This is my dresser (Jason's is in our guest room) and it has a photo of me and my dad from my wedding day. I treasure it!

If I had to pick a favorite item in my room it would have to be my lamps! I have a thing for lamps...

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Update: I got the lamps at Home Goods. :)

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