Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fun times in Eatonton

I mentioned in an earlier post that I forgot my camera on my trip to GA. Thankfully my sister-n-law, Caitlin, had hers handy and took a ton of photos.


Caitlin is Mendy's (my college roommate and best friend) little sister. My little brother, Mack, and Caitlin met at my wedding 6 years ago. They married last year. I met Caitlin when she was just thirteen (I was eighteen) when I went home one weekend with Mendy. Mendy and I joked how NEAT it would be if our siblings met, fell in love, and got married. We love to remind them that if it wasn't for us they would have never found love... I :)
My brother, Mack... not to mention their baby, Sunday.

While I was shopping at The Mart my family happliy took Madison to the pool. (A baby looks good on them.. don't you think?)

Check out this pool!!! It overlooks Lake Oconee...

It has an island in the middle with a Palm tree (next to the baskeball goal). It also has a huge slide!

... my brother eagerly took my baby down the slide!!!

supposedly it's a slow ride if you are sitting up and VERY fast if you lay back.

This is the first time that my 4 year old niece decided to go down alone. That is my dad to the left waiting for her...

My sister, Jennie, and my dad with Madison.

We went back to the pool the next day. I was a little frustrated because Madison would not let ANYONE, but me hold her. (I hope you have your sunglasses on.... you could be blinded by my whiteness!!!)


My brother, dad, and brother-n-law. (I hate that Jason couldn't be there..)

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