Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Madison Goes to the Dentist

If I were judged on titles alone I would be a published children's author. HEE HEE!

I learned in MOPS several months ago that the recommended age for toddlers to go to the dentist is now age one. I thought that was quite comical. If I stick my fingers any where near Madison's mouth she uses them as a teething ring. However, all the other moms are doing it. Why should I stop giving in to peer pressure now? A friend recommended a pediatric dentist near my house. So when Madison turned one and I called to schedule her exam I soon learned that it was easier to get a hair appointment than a toddler teeth exam!! The wait was three months and today was finally our day.

Once I filled out the mountain of paperwork (Madison was occupied by the toy bus) we were taken back to an orientation room. They really know what they are doing at this office because once again they had toys in this room. The hygienist wanted to know all about our dental hygiene routine. She also explained how we should not give our toddler soda and we should use a car seat, and outlet plug covers.... I really laughed out loud and I think she felt a little silly.

Next she proceeded to ask me if Madison sucked her thumb.... Once I told her "yes," she talked to me about trying to break the habit by age 2. Again, I laughed out loud. I sucked my thumb until a permanent retainer was put in at age 8. She suggested a reward program. I said I would give it a whirl. (Not now of course... later

She then prepared me for what would be happening in the exam room. She explained that I would hold Madison facing me and then lay her back into her lap where she would look in her mouth. Then the dentist would come in do the same thing and paint on fluoride. Again, I laughed. I asked her if she expected that to go well because I certainly did not. She said they can take the fit as long as I'm okay with it.... so ahead to the next room we went.

She pulled out two toothbrushes for Madison to choose from. Madison did what any toddler or shameless adult would do... she picked BOTH and would not hear of it going any other way. Next I was shown just how you look into a toddlers mouth without getting chewed on. You have them scream! They were fast all the while being thorough. I was VERY impressed with both the hygienist and dentist. Madison is right on track with eight teeth. They confirmed that she should be cutting her first two bottom molars any day now.

After we were all finished Madison got to pick out a sticker and a bath toy. If you're wondering... I would say it was worth the trip and I would do it again. In fact, we are... in six months.

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