Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Madison's Cousins

Lori, my sister-n-law, and I use the same photographer. She took her boys yesterday to see Julie. I talked to her before the session trying to give her a pep talk. I have said many times how HARD it is to get good pictures of one child let alone two. (I'm sure the difficulty just grows with each child!) I could definitely hear the stress in Lori's voice. I am so not one to sugar coat it so I just agreed with her.. "Yep... it's gonna be bad... real bad. Good Luck...!" HEE HEE! I gave the same pep talk to my sister when she traveled with her family to see Julie a couple of weeks ago. You know... young kids smile for maybe the first few shots and then they are pretty much over the whole adventure. Plus for good light you have to do it in the evening... right smack in the middle of dinner time and by the time you change wardrobe and locations it can carry right on into bath time. I called Lori after her session and I could tell in her voice it must have gone a lot smoother than we imagined... (or it could have been the two Advil she popped before the session... just in case!)

So Lori got her "Sneak Peak" this morning and I had to share!!!

Parker just turned one and Alston is five.


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