Thursday, July 2, 2009

Madison's Fashion Friday - July 4th Celebration

Happy 4th of July... almost! I love to dress Madison for any holiday. I wasn't quite sure where to look for a 4th outfit. I follow "The Mac's" blog and saw that she was going to post items she and her mom made to benefit Cora's Playground. (If you have not read their story it is truly amazing. I think it touched me so much because their daughter was only a month older than Madison). I was so excited to buy this shirt in Cora's memory. PLUS it is SOOOOO DARN CUTE!

I think Madison looks like she is dancing a jig in the photo at the top! :)

She's just starting to run these days. I was pretty impressed that she was attempting to do it in the grass (especially since it's in need of a mow)... She still does not like to sit in it!

Once again Charli insists on ruining our photo session with demands of ball throwing. She loves my baby... and I think she's sucking up with a little puppy tongue to see if she will throw the ball. I don't think she gets it yet that Madison's ball throwing capabilities is about three inches from release...

A happy baby indeed... :)

My sister and her family are here for the weekend. I bought CUTE 4th of July accessories off the dollar aisle at Target for our kids to wear... we'll see if they'll corporate!

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