Tuesday, July 7, 2009

St. Thomas...

Here we are arriving in St. Thomas. Do you think I was excited?? I don't think my smile could get any bigger. We were reprimanded right after this photograph. Who new federal regulations prohibited photography on the runway??

We laughed and laughed on our trip... that is my favorite thing to do with all my girlfriends. We would take photos and look through them at dinner. We got so tickled at this photo the first night. Kat was missing, however, we joked that we could photoshop her in to the gap. I'm not sure what was going on in this photo... !

We spent a lot of time in the water. Betsy grabbed a girl strolling by carrying her shoes to take a photo of all of us. She put down her shoes and the waves were quickly washing them to sea. We were screaming at her (some of us.. I was posing of course) to get her shoes!

Dressed up for dinner!

I say "why not?" How many times can you say you've taken a photo on a bar?!

Another night dressed up for dinner.. Betsy (far left) and Amy (second from left) were always last to arrive and usually met us down by the restaurant. We cracked up when we saw we were dressed alike. Thank goodness for ATL (Ann Taylor Loft) and thank goodness for multiple colors! :)

Seated at dinner... this was our first night and our last at this table. For every other meal we shared together they seated us in the back by the kitchen??? We tend to have very loud, long meals...

I LOVE this photo... I can't even begin to tell you what we were laughing at... well I could, but I won't. :)

This was our only breakfast together. Notice we are seated in the back?? Kat and I are early birds (I force her to be.. sorry)... This morning we all agreed to meet early so we could catch a ferry to St. John for the day. I'm so glad we did.
Heather (bottom left) is the only one holding a fat orange juice glass... hers is without the champagne.. We found out on this trip that she is pregnant with baby number two!! Congratulations Heather!!!

On the ferry to St. John...

This view will suck the breath right out of you!!! This place was truly paradise. We rented a four door jeep and packed... key word packed... all six of us in to drive to different beaches. My favorite by far was Cinnamon Bay.

We put the self timer on the camera and sat it on the spare tire at the back of the jeep...

We wrapped up the day having drinks an appetizers watching the sun set before we boarded the ferry. This was on the pier. We asked a security guard to take a picture of us in front of the sun setting.. we even scooched (is that a word?) down so he could fit it in.. (made perfect sense at the time...).

Here is what we wanted to be included...

Our last chance to take a scenic photograph...

INSIDE the airport.

Here we are leaving.. we took our chances with the FAA regulations... I must point out that I am probably the only person that returns home from a tropical vacation whiter than when I left. I am a FIRM believer in sunless tanner, 50 SPF sunblock, and an umbrella. I gave up on the sunless tanner in the last few days... HEE HEE!

... til next year!

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