Saturday, August 29, 2009

Problem Solved

I was not kidding about the Lovey while eating problem that has come up. Here is how we start out breakfast...

I gently tell her "you can have it when you finish eating..." This only buys me a few bites and then I get this...

and this...

Madison is eating a waffle with almond butter and honey.. so there is NO WAY she can hold her lovey and eat too. So I got this terrific idea.. stuff it in a Ziploc...
Hey Madison.. Hold up your lovey! (I declare myself a genius!)

Can you believe she gets this excited to be reunited with her long lost lovey? If only you could hear her screaming laughter and see her wildly kicking her legs!!!

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Madison's Fashion Friday

We had a play date at our house this week. I think Madison may be the leader type. I'm not quite sure if it's because she is the oldest of this group or if that is truly her personality. I am not a leader. I swear I can't make a decision without running it by everyone I know. So she would not get that trait from me! For example, Madison found one of her hardly used pacifiers in a toy bin and insisted that Isaac (sitting just to her right below) suck on it. He tried to refuse it and after she screamed (her becomingly well know high pitched scream) and forced it into his mouth, he finally gave up. She simply walked away.. like "my work here is done."

Before everyone left we wanted to get a picture of them on the couch. Otherwise 4 babies in the same frame was not going to happen! I snapped this one photo then all babies (except for Madison) were screaming. Isaac was like "All these ladies...I'm outta here..." :)

So anyway... to the point of the post. Madison's outfit is by Monday's Child. I bought it at Gazoodles in Winston Salem. It's a blue gingham with rick rac trim and a ladybug applique.

For some reason she has be VERY attached to her lovey this week. In fact I changed my facebook status to read... "Shelby is wondering how to convince Madison that she can't eat and hold her lovey at the same time."

She has also become aware that she has two loveys that are the exact same. I bought a second one for back up.. you know just in case something happened to the first one. Well it backfired on me because instead of keeping up with one I have to keep up with two.

The dress came with really cute bloomers. I wish I had purchased the 12m size so you could see them more. This 18m is still a little big on her.

Check out this blurry background!!! Curtosy of my new lens!!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Lens

I ordered a new lens for my camera (Nikon D80). I've been DYING to buy it after researching and a recommendation from Madison's photographer, Julie. It's the 50mm f/1.8D. According to reviews it's seems to be the best lens for the money. I received it in the mail this past weekend and could not WAIT to try it out.

Madison is always happy when she gets up from her naps... that is as long as she takes a FULL nap. So when she woke up today I turned on the music and she danced around in her crib and giggled. I have to say my photos seem to come out a LOT sharper with less "noise." (Also.. these are without ANY photoshop.. I wanted to show the results unedited.)

If she could talk she would be telling you that she FINALLY cut her two bottom molars. We had a play date here yesterday and my friend, Amy B., was talking to her and said.. "I see your molar.. Oh that's right.. I see the other too.. ".. I started screaming.. "WHAT???!!!" I've been prying my child's mouth open for weeks waiting on those babies to come in and Madison walks right up to Amy and shows them to her??? Work with me kid!

Madison sat down in the corner of her crib and put her baby doll down next to her. Then she started grunting and patting her side. I realized she wanted me to sit all her "creatures" around her... Happy as a clam!

Sweet smile even with the thumb!

This just an added bonus on the post today.. Her daddy lost and she gets pig tails at least on Tumblebee days.. it keeps the hair out of her eyes!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jason, Madison, and I are embarking on a life changing event. I want to keep you in suspense for a little while so here are a few hints. See if you can guess??

Madison will need a pair of these... (and OH YES they must be pink!)

She will have her picture made sitting right in the middle of some of these...

She will most certainly see a ton of these...

and she will be eating a whole lotta really good this...

Wow! Those were pretty great clues, huh?? I bet you guessed it had something to do with the great state of Texas?

However, Texas is a big state.. let's see if we can narrow it down...

Madison will be able to see sunsets overlooking this...

and be close enough to tour this..

Did you guess Austin??

If you did.. you are correct! We are moving to Austin, Texas very soon. My first response was to scream... I'm settled here in North Carolina. I have wonderful friends, a great church, doctors, dentists, and finally after going through five hair stylest, one that I love.. Madison has tumblebees and is starting a moms morning out program in a few weeks. I have MOPS and playgroups and did I mention wonderful friends??!! I know where everything is.. how to get there.. I have my favorite places to eat and I'm in driving distance from all of my family...

Can you tell I have a hard time with change? My dad told me when I graduated college that life is what you make it where you are... If you are unhappy where you currently live then you will be unhappy at the next place too. That has always stuck with me. It is no accident that we are moving to Texas. There is a plan and I'm ready to go... Now I just need to get Madison those pink cowboy boots. :)

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Madison's first REAL slice of Watermelon

Sure.. she's had chunks of watermelon, but never stripped down to your diaper and go at it watermelon. And "at it" she went.. :)
Her cousin, Parker.. notice her hand in motion? The grass is ALWAYS greener for her..
she threw hers down and swiped his piece and the piece after that... My girl cracks me up!

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Madison's Fashion Friday

How cute is this swing top and bloomers? I bought it from Kelly's Kids. Their summer stuff was really cute. (I also bought this outfit from there). I have to say I'm not as thrilled with their fall line.

Madison seems pretty happy in a lot of the photos I have posted from the beach. Let me tell you though... she was not!! (More of that to come!) I would put her down and then RUN backward and try to get some shots. She's walking to me and semi-crying in this photo!

(Don't worry... we scooped her up right about here!)

Now for a view of the back.... (I did manage to get these before she melted).

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Home From the Beach... Holden Beach

We just arrived home from our final beach vacation this summer. I'm so glad we booked this trip with Jason's family before summer even began. Half the fun of vacation is just looking forward to it. We had a fantastic house right on the beach with our own private pool. This trip flew by and I really feel like summer is coming to an end.

OHHHH the work to get a shot of these three cutie pies!!!! Alston is five, Madison, and Parker is just three months younger than Madison. He turned one in July.

Alston is so sweet.. my heart melted when he just leaned over and kissed Madison...

Madison and Parker put on quite the show for all of us this week. They don't play together yet.. but they LOVE stealing each others toys. They both scream at the top of their lungs as they are either taking or being taken from ... it's hysterical. Even though she is three months older, Parker out weighs her.. she better look out!!!

Madison's Nana gave her this beautiful white dress.

More to come!!!

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