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Cloth Diapering... What I know so far...

I know that Madison looks just as cute in yellow ones as pink ones.. HEE HEE!

A few of you have asked for some information on cloth diapers. I am in no way an expert because I have only been doing this for a few days. However, I did a lot of research. Here is what I tried out, what I ended up purchasing, and info I found helpful.

I tried two different types of diapers, pocket and all-in-ones. I think these are the most popular.

This is what I purchased in detail.

Bum Genius all-in-one cloth diaper

This diaper works just like a disposable. It comes ready to use. Just put it on your baby and go! However, if you want the diaper to last longer than about three hours like for overnight or car trips it comes with a pocket you can stuff. I bought a few Bum Genius doublers and since Madison is a light wetter I only needed to add one for overnight. My friend, Katie, has a heavy wetter and she has to stuff a lot. She loves the Loopy-Do insert. I also bought a few of these - the plain loopy do and then a super do! (Some of the lingo cracks me up!) These are made with hemp which is suppose to be a great absorber. I just got mine in the mail, but have yet to try them. I'm realizing I may not have needed it for overnight because the BG (bum genius) doubler has worked just fine on Madison.

BG only come with a Velcro option. (Unless you select the more expensive organic option and there you get a choice). I love the Velcro, however, from what I have read some moms say their toddler can remove the diaper. Madison has not tried this.

Pro - easy! great fit

Con - they take longer to dry since the insert is sewn in

After trying three of these I bought six more in Madison size. The fit is GREAT on Madison.

I really wanted a one size fits all, all-in-one diaper. However, I quickly learned that they do not exist! One size fits all usually means birth to potty. All-in-one means the absorbent pad is sewn in and will be the closest thing you can find to a disposable. So you have to buy the size that fits your baby. Just like disposables. The reason they can't be one size fits all is because you can make the pad smaller since it's sewn in. So for a one size fits all you must go to a pocket diaper...

Bum Genius one size fits all pocket diaper

A pocket diaper means it comes with no insert sewn in. It only has the pocket that you stuff. There is no down side (I don't think) to buying a one size fits all versus a sized diaper. This one size fits all is made with snaps in the front so you can make the diaper smaller or unsnap to make larger. It comes with two inserts. The larger one is just like the one that is sewn into the all-in-one or AIO. However, it too has snaps so you can make it smaller. It also comes with another insert that is small know as the "newborn insert/diaper doubler." I use these together for overnight and that is enough for Madison. If you have a heavy wetter you may need the loopy do or some other insert in addition. During the day just the one larger insert is plenty. (Like the AIO sewn in insert).

Pros - Great fit, lasts from birth to potty, comes with two inserts, quick drying since you can take all the inserts out.

Cons - you have to always stuff it with an insert.. this is really no big deal! I go ahead and put it together right after I launder it so it's ready to go in my stash.

I loved this diaper as well and bought 3 more

Fuzzi Bunz Pocket Diaper

I bought these in Madison's size. They do make a one size fits all, however, after reading other reviews I decided against trying a one size fits all in this diaper. Also, Katie said that this diaper was not a good fit on her son, but a lot of people like them. They have a high rating and is a big seller so I wanted to try it out. To note - You cannot buy this brand in an AIO.

Pros - I love the fleece liner. It's really soft. They have only the snap option. Since I bought Velcro in the Bum Genius I decided to buy two of these to try snaps. They have more colors and if you have a girl you can buy a daisy print.

Cons - One thing I did not like about the diaper is that the pocket does not come with a flap. After you stuff the pocket with the insert BG has this flap that kind of closes the pocket. FB does not have that flap and the insert has poked itself out of the diaper. I really think they would sell a whole lot more of these diapers if they would just put a darn flap on it!

When making my big purchase I just bought one more of these. Overall I liked the diaper except for the huge con above... BUT I like BG better.

ONE more diaper I tried was the Blueberry one size fits all diaper with snaps. (You can choose which closure you prefer with this brand.)

Cons - This diaper is expensive and to me is not worth the extra cost. The insert seems to bunch up a little as well.

Pros - It comes with a hemp insert which for heavy wetters would be a plus, but as I'm finding out is not needed with Madison. You can choose velcro or snaps. They have a really really cute selection.

Bottom Line - When I did my research I really wanted someone to just tell me which diaper to buy.. which one is the best out of the tons of options?? There really is not straight forward answer, but for me and Madison's heiny that is what has worked for us so far. I encourage you to try a few different ones before making a big purchase. I think you will quickly find what works best for you and your baby.

Washing - Most diapers seem to have the same instructions... Wash cold first (been told to add a soak), then again in a hot cycle. So there is definitely some work here.. you know.. running into the washroom and hitting buttons.. :) (Really no big deal!) Here's a good source for info on washing by brand! OH and I've read and have been told to put dingy or stained diapers in the sun to bleach them.. and OH IT WORKS! You only have to sit them out there (damp) for about 20 minutes for the bright sun to do it's magic.

A few other things - I've read a lot about sprayers. They come highly recommended by cloth diaper users. I have not bought one yet. I did buy liners, but found that it bunched up in the diaper. I may need to give it more than one chance though! I read and found true that what you can't shake off in the toilet will come out in the wash. I also purchased Charli's Soap.. this seems to be the detergent of choice and I love it!

A lot of the info I linked you to was on Kelly's Closet. That is where I made most of my purchases and got a lot of information. Customer service was outstanding with my questions. They also have a 30 day money back guarantee on the BG one size fits all pocket diaper!

Here is a website for coupons ( I would never make another web purchase without searching that website for coupon codes!)

Okay.. So I know this is a LOT of info to digest. It's really not as bad as it seems. If you have any other questions.. just ask! I can try and answer.. or ask Katie... I got a lot of info from her!

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