Friday, August 14, 2009

Madison's Fashion Friday

Madison is transitioning from two naps down to one a day. This is proving to be very difficult. Instead of taking two 1 to 2 hour naps a day, she is taking one 45 minute nap. (I'm the queen of let them cry it out.. but it's not working in this case). I've asked around and heard this is pretty normal and she should start taking longer naps soon enough. I sure hope so because by late afternoon she is quite cranky and so am I! Any who.. you'd never know it in these photos. She turned on the charm...

I got this dress on sale at the end of last summer at Baby Gap. They had really cute matching shoes, but I had NO IDEA what size she would wear (or any baby for that matter!) Madison is small and today was the first day she has worn it. I plan to pair it with a white cardigan in the fall... It's too cute to put away at the end of summer!

The day was so muggy and hot outside I decided to take us in to her nursery.

I think she was thankful!

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