Friday, August 28, 2009

Madison's Fashion Friday

We had a play date at our house this week. I think Madison may be the leader type. I'm not quite sure if it's because she is the oldest of this group or if that is truly her personality. I am not a leader. I swear I can't make a decision without running it by everyone I know. So she would not get that trait from me! For example, Madison found one of her hardly used pacifiers in a toy bin and insisted that Isaac (sitting just to her right below) suck on it. He tried to refuse it and after she screamed (her becomingly well know high pitched scream) and forced it into his mouth, he finally gave up. She simply walked away.. like "my work here is done."

Before everyone left we wanted to get a picture of them on the couch. Otherwise 4 babies in the same frame was not going to happen! I snapped this one photo then all babies (except for Madison) were screaming. Isaac was like "All these ladies...I'm outta here..." :)

So anyway... to the point of the post. Madison's outfit is by Monday's Child. I bought it at Gazoodles in Winston Salem. It's a blue gingham with rick rac trim and a ladybug applique.

For some reason she has be VERY attached to her lovey this week. In fact I changed my facebook status to read... "Shelby is wondering how to convince Madison that she can't eat and hold her lovey at the same time."

She has also become aware that she has two loveys that are the exact same. I bought a second one for back up.. you know just in case something happened to the first one. Well it backfired on me because instead of keeping up with one I have to keep up with two.

The dress came with really cute bloomers. I wish I had purchased the 12m size so you could see them more. This 18m is still a little big on her.

Check out this blurry background!!! Curtosy of my new lens!!

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