Thursday, August 13, 2009

Music Festival

Music in the Park is a free concert at a different park around town every Sunday evening during the summer. Last night was the first night this summer we actually made an effort to attend. We would pick the hottest day of the year to go.

I LOVE that Madison can walk and has her independence. However, for events like this I miss the sit-in-one-place days just a little bit!

If I could recommend one baby gear item it would be this booster seat! I did not register for one and bought it to take while traveling to visit family. It stays in my trunk and I have definitely gotten my money's worth. It's a seat at other people's houses and an extra baby seat for when I have friends with babies over.

I should do a post on just this seat... this would be use #89...

I know if Madison could talk she would be saying, "Mama, may I PLEASE go play with that live interactive adorable doll??" (Live Doll = Ella)

"I can feed her..."

"Give her a sippy..."

"and steal her accessories... " (Like HER booster seat and sippy cup)

"I can also give her big, wet, open mouth kisses..."

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