Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Lens

I ordered a new lens for my camera (Nikon D80). I've been DYING to buy it after researching and a recommendation from Madison's photographer, Julie. It's the 50mm f/1.8D. According to reviews it's seems to be the best lens for the money. I received it in the mail this past weekend and could not WAIT to try it out.

Madison is always happy when she gets up from her naps... that is as long as she takes a FULL nap. So when she woke up today I turned on the music and she danced around in her crib and giggled. I have to say my photos seem to come out a LOT sharper with less "noise." (Also.. these are without ANY photoshop.. I wanted to show the results unedited.)

If she could talk she would be telling you that she FINALLY cut her two bottom molars. We had a play date here yesterday and my friend, Amy B., was talking to her and said.. "I see your molar.. Oh that's right.. I see the other too.. ".. I started screaming.. "WHAT???!!!" I've been prying my child's mouth open for weeks waiting on those babies to come in and Madison walks right up to Amy and shows them to her??? Work with me kid!

Madison sat down in the corner of her crib and put her baby doll down next to her. Then she started grunting and patting her side. I realized she wanted me to sit all her "creatures" around her... Happy as a clam!

Sweet smile even with the thumb!

This just an added bonus on the post today.. Her daddy lost and she gets pig tails at least on Tumblebee days.. it keeps the hair out of her eyes!

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