Friday, August 7, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Wedding Reception

Today is Show Us Your Life - Wedding Receptions at Kelly's Korner. My wedding reception was held at Brasstown Valley Resort in the mountains of Georgia. I worked at the pool while I was in high school so it was an extra special place. I was so excited to have my reception there. I got married when I was twenty five... five years after meeting my husband, Jason. Over two years of that was long distance.. he was in Austin, Texas and I was in Atlanta, Georgia.

Everybody has something go wrong on their wedding day... right??? Here we are... just arriving from the church receiving the news that our band was not yet there and they were running WAY behind. They underestimated the distance from Atlanta and the curves on Blood Mountain.

Don't you LOVE how Jason is holding my dress while digesting the info?? I wasn't really phased even though I look it.. I think I was more concerned about the placement of my veil!

The only other flaw... Notice our names?? (kinda small print)... I'm or was "Shelby Leigh" (I dropped Leigh for my maiden name) and Jason is "Jason Lee..." So during the ceremony the preacher said... "Do Youuuuuu Jason Leeeeeee Take Youuuuuuuu Shelby Leighhhhh"... I about died! We did not rehearse that... I swear at my rehearsal he said just "Jason" and just "Shelby!!" So my whole reception guests referred to us as "Jason Lee" and "Shelby Leigh"...

Our first dance.... since our band had still not arrived it was to a CD. (I really didn't care!)

Dancing with my daddy...

Cutting the cake... I LOVED my cake! My mom picked it out and I didn't even see it until the reception. I thought it was perfect!

What would you do without your girlfriends??

The following two photos are my favorite.. I have them framed one over the other.... We were just so happy!

Okay.. so I am almost embarrassed to show these pictures, but 99% of my reception photos are of me smiling from ear to ear. I was just so happy to have married my man. I waited 5 years and I was so far from him for so long. I couldn't wait to just live in the same zip code!

We went to St. Lucia on our honeymoon and stayed at one of the Sandals Resorts. It was wonderful and I highly recommend it! Both my siblings and their spouses went there on their honeymoon as well. I don't have any photos on this computer to post!

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