Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Shoes

This is the first fall that I have needed to buy shoes for Madison.  I did not put shoes on her until she turned one this past April. I have probably put too much thought in to her fall shoes. My friend, Amanda, inquired about my findings so I thought I'd share!  

I think I have mentioned several times that she wears Pedipeds.  They are soft and you can dress them up or down!  She sported these all summer...  Pediped Olivia in White

I started my search for fall shoes back in August.  I've been searching on-line and found several CUTE shoes.  However, I figured out that I have no idea what size Madison might wear.  Pediped are sized 6-12 months, 12-18 months and so on.  So I took Madison last week to get measured at Stride Rite.  It was a pleasant experience and I learned that my daughter is a 4.5, but that I should buy a 5.  I really had no intention of buying any of their shoes, but I felt so guilty.  The man was SO NICE and there was a pretty cute pair of brown Mary Jane's.  I spent over $50 dollars on one pair of size five, brown Mary Janes.  I walked out of the store popped my trunk to put up the stroller and the argument in my head began... My child does not need a $50 pair of shoes she will out grow in a few months.  So I shut the trunk and strolled right back and returned them.  Good for me! :)

Here is what I have decided on for Madison's fall shoe wardrobe. 

Stick with what you know works...  Pediped - Isabella in white.  I am not a fan of white shoes on adults especially after Labor Day, but they are a must have for a toddler!  You'll see what I mean in the near future.

I also bought the same pair in brown...

I will be adding a pair of Squeaker Sneakers or Squeak Me Shoes too.  They are so stinkin cute!  They squeak when your baby walks.  If it's just too much for you or it's not an appropriate location to have your child squeaking when they walk you can take the squeaker out. 

Squeak Me Shoes...  (Jason HEARTS these...)

I heart these....

Squeaker Sneakers....  I am DYING for a pair of these orange for the fall season.  However, the only size I can find available is a size 3.  Let me know if you can find a five!!!

Even though I love the polka dot red ones above, I will probably get this more plain pair.  I think they may be more versatile.

So there are my toddler shoe thoughts!!!  Let me know if you have any you have found and LOVE.  I know there is an endless selection out there!

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