Tuesday, September 15, 2009

GO Georgia .... Tech????

I was born and raised in Georgia.  Pretty much all of my family still live there.  My daddy went to UGA and I grew up going to the games.  It's who we cheered for and black and red is what we wore.  It's just what I knew.  I remember watching a GA vs. GA Tech game and literally hating those silly Yellow Jackets.  What a stupid mascot I thought.  Our Bulldog could take care of him in one chomp.  I even had a UGA shirt with my name on the back in velvet letters.  When I grew out of it, I stripped down my cabbage patch doll and she wore it.  I swear to this day she is somewhere in the attic with that shirt on. 

I attended North Georgia College in Dalonega, GA.  We didn't have a football team so I continued to root for Georgia.  After all, it's in my blood.  Well wouldn't you know my second year in college I fell in love and married a Georgia Tech boy?  It took a little while for my dad to get past that flaw in Jason and I just wasn't sure how I would change my heart.  In the end I cheer for GA Tech...unless of course they play Georgia. 

As for my daughter....  

I'm not sure if she just didn't feel like taking pictures or hated the outfit (my daddy would be so proud!) , but I did get one of her cheering!

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