Monday, September 7, 2009

Madison Goes to the Zoo

Saturday morning we had a painter come and paint our downstairs ceilings.  We had one little spot that needed to be painted and in order to make it look right he needed to do the whole ceiling.  I was pretty bummed because you spend this money for no real difference, you know?  (BUT the spot is gone.)  So we needed to get out of the house for most of the morning. 

We decided to take Madison to the North Carolina Zoo.  Lucky for us it's only a 35 minute drive.  The weather was perfect and it wasn't crowded at all!

Here is a picture of Madison right after we entered the Zoo.  Doesn't she just look thrilled?   She has no idea of the exciting animals ahead!

A close up of her "zoo" outfit.. Monkey's of course.  (Yes.. this bubble has been in a Fashion Friday!)

Madison checking out the alligators...
A close up...
After the alligators came the Cougars... (cats not older ladies looking for younger men as Jason put it.. So funny right?)

This was my favorite exhibit of the whole trip.  This polar bear was adorable.

He was just hugging all over this Baywatch lifesaver thingy. 
Madison's favorite of the trip was the merry-go-round.  She was the only one on this ride.  She waved to everyone as she went around.   

The end???  Aren't we missing lions and tigers and bears?  Zebras, giraffes, and elephants?  I had big plans for this post.  It was going to be a post loaded with beautiful photographs of Madison's first trip to the zoo.  However, we only packed our small point and shoot and my dreams of an exciting post died when it did halfway through the trip. :(

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