Friday, September 11, 2009

Madison's Fashion Friday - More Dots!

Madison and I were playing out front last night and she was in nothing, but her diaper.  (I stripped her down because she managed to drench herself with the dog's water..again!)  I was talking to the neighbor and she started running for the street.  I got in front of her and turned her around and gave her a gentle push on the bottom.  Well... she fell and skinned her knee.  I felt HORRIBLE!  She has now learned the word "boo boo."  She'll grab her knee and with a pitiful face say "boo boo..."  Oh the agony!  So today she wore pants!  Oh how cute are these pants?
Speaking of boo boos.. look at the mosquito bite on her face.  I actually saw it biting her last night and that was his last bite after I got to him. 
I love this picture... she looked up and saw birds.  
Pink pedipeds to match!
What was I doing on this overcast September afternoon while Madison was playing in the yard you ask?  Why drinking an Iced Decaf Pumpkin Spice Latte of course!  I did request "no whip."  I decided that her error was meant to be and didn't say a word.. :)

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