Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Move Update

I haven't blogged about our move for quite some time. I simply did not have any information.  We have finally begun the process to get our house on the market.  We hope to have a sign in the yard with in the next week.  Jason will be going to Austin soon on business and to further our search for a new home.  I hope to follow in a few short weeks.  I have no interest in going until we are ready to buy.  I just don't want to find "the house" and not be able to go ahead and make an offer.

We have begun our search on-line.  We've already had our fair share of arguments.  We have done this before and I'm sure I'll get my way.  (JUST KIDDING!)

One of my desperate "wants" is white cabinets in the bathroom and kitchen.  Jason met with an agent in a new subdivision and expressed this preference (mine not his).  He told Jason that "you won't find that here, that is an east coast thing!"  He also said that it would make for a harder resale. 

My current kitchen...

In my DREAMS kitchen...  (an actual model home in Austin..found out that is in Dallas.. oh yes.. I contacted the builder!) 

I did laugh at the agents response at first.  However, I would dare say that 99% of the homes we have seen on-line have dark cabinets.

Don't get me wrong.. dark can be beautiful, I just prefer white.  (Another model home).


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