Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Off to School...

Today was Madison's first official day at "school" (aka Mom's Morning Out).  She was a little cranky and oh my gosh her hair was out of control!!!  Jason gave her a bath and put her to bed and I really think he didn't wash out all the shampoo or comb it or something...  I really was laughing out loud.  I also have this fear that Madison will rip out her bow and her poor teacher, Mrs. Austin (YES!! How ironic is her name??), would have to try and keep up with it.  So I put a rubberband in first and then attached the bow behind it.  Not as cute without the rubber band, but I'm trying to compromise between fashion and function!
I grabbed one of Madison's classmate's mom to take our picture.  It's so rare I get one of the two of us.  We had to mark this occasion!
The babies have a routine each morning.  We hang up their backpacks... (My good friend, Heather, gave Madison this PERFECT one for her first birthday!)
Madison wandered around and checked out all the arriving babies with the security of her lovey. (HEE HEE!)
This is Madison's friend, Addison (don't you love it?)  How cute is Addison's apple dress?? Don't you know I wish I had thought of that!!  It's perfect for the first day of school!  :)  Madison and Addison go way back... about to when Madison was five months old.  You can see Addison with Madison at her first birthday in the picture with all the babies.
I don't know why, but I foresee some lovey issues. (That one is Addison's.)

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